It is April 30th, 2016 and it is a mere 10 degrees outside. The sun is shining and everyone is anxious to start spending their days outside.

We bundled up and headed out of our comfort zone: the Lachine Canal to see how Spring was coming along on Mount Royal.


We parked on Pine and followed some small trails leading up to the summit. Chelsea hurt her back leg so we tried to avoid all the steps.


We spotted some Trout Lilies along the side of the path.


The grass had started to grow.


On the South side of the trail, moss covered the rocks.


As we neared the summit, bird houses was scattered around, each bearing an address so that the park crew could monitor the birds’ activities throughout the year.


Here is a shot of my hiking gang – The more we climbed, we shed our layers as the sun was starting to warm us up.


The reward for reaching the summit was a spectacular view of Montreal.


One of my clients is a condominium project called, the building featured in the middle.


On the summit grounds there were flowers bed filled with tulips that were about to bloom.


Off in the distance, a falcon was flying high over the city.


Some medical students brought along their lab partner to enjoy the views.


For our descent, we took the main path back to Pine Avenue. Many people were out now.


Before heading home, we promised the dogs we would treat them to a bowl of fresh water at Le Doggy Café.


Matheo was right at home and quickly found some patrons to scratch him behind the ear.


It was a unique experience being able to share a smoothie and a piece of red velvet cake in a restaurant with our dogs beside us.


Photos of famous patrons filled the walls. As it turns out, the doodle in the lower left frame, is Omar and he now lives in New York City with his Mom, an old friend of mine from Traf.


A quick photo opt for our two pups and we headed off.


We ended our day with a walk along the canal and we were pleased to see that Spring had finally arrived in our neck of the woods.


Happy Spring.