Montreal is notorious for their restrictions on dogs. They are not permitted in many places which makes it difficult to plan outings with our 4 legged friends. Signs are stationed all over the city indicating a $150 fine if you are caught in specific areas with your dog and even larger fines if you don’t “pick up” – I agree with the latter. So when we heard there was a cruise on the St-Lawrence where dogs were welcome, we could not pass up the opportunity to do something extraordinary with our dogs.

It was “raining cats and dogs” Sunday morning and we were not sure if the cruise would happen. As 3:30 approached, the skies held back the rain and we headed for the Old Port. The AML Cruise ship was waiting for us as we pulled up.


The excitement started to build as we neared the ship.


A line had formed waiting to get onboard. At least 200 humans with their dogs.


Once onboard, we were presented with a glass of bubbles and guided into the lounge to await the fashion show.


There was “Haute Couture” available for our dogs.



Anchors Aweigh!!

As we set out on our journey, the fashion show started. Each dog sporting something from the “Haute Couture” counter.


During the show, I walked around and “snapped” a few pictures of the other guests. Hans was one of my favourites. If only dogs could talk….


This dog’s hairdo was quite similar to Tina Turners.


I think there is some Husky in this gal. One brown eye, one blue.


Too much Bubbly??


This gal brought her own carriage.


After the show, we were allowed to walk around the ship – most of us headed to the upper deck to get a good view of the St-Lawrence. We were joined by Isabelle and Lisa and their dog Skylar. It was quite windy outside…


We headed East along the St-Lawrence and got a waterside view of Montreal’s shipping yards.


These large cranes remove the containers from the ships and place them on trucks and trains heading to their final destination.


On the opposite side on the river, we were parallel with Boucherville.


The rain held back as we cruised along the river. Off in the distance, we noticed we were not along. Several windsurfers were out taking advantage of the wind and the waves.


During the cruise, we as dog owners did what we do best. Chat we everybody and exchange the names of our dogs, never mentioning our own. It’s a dog owner phenomenon.


Skylar was being blown in the wind.


Suddenly waiters appeared with Hors d’oeuvres. Great timing as I was getting hungry.


Unfortunately the treats were not for us but rather delicious homemade dog cookies. Chelsea was thrilled!!


And our friend Lisa enjoyed one with her glass of wine.


It was time to turn around and head back to port. First we passed La Ronde.


Then passed under the Jacques Cartier Bridge.


And finally spotted the Clock Tower in Old Montreal where there is a beach to enjoy during the summer months.


As we pulled into port, there was a few minutes left for a picture or two.

Skyler and Isabelle.


Johanne with Matheo.


And Chelsea and I.


It was a lot of fun to be able to enjoy an outing in Montreal with family, friends and most importantly, our dogs.