Ever since I was little, I have always wanted to fly in a helicopter. Perhaps Magnum PI had a little influence on me as he flew around in Higgins’ stripped helicopter.

For my birthday this year, my partner purchased two tickets with Helipsair for a fall scenic flight. The sun was shinning and the sky was a brilliant blue as we headed towards Mirabel. Our flight was scheduled for 11am.

helipsair, helicopter, headquarters

Upon our arrival, we were escorted into a little room by Alison and asked to watch a short video about Helicopter safety.

briefing-video, helicopter safety

The briefing was similar to that of a plane. We did learn two very important facts:  Always approach a helicopter from the front and second, avoid the back end – it is the danger zone due to the unsupervised rotating blades.

blade, helicopter, tail

We cleared “security” and walked outside to await out turn.

helicopter, helipsair, flying

There were several helicopters on the landing pad waiting to take passengers up for their flight.

helicopter, helipsair, red, flight, flying

Our pilot Nicolas joined us in the helicopter as we got ready to take off.

pilot, helicopter, helipsair, nicolas

Verify all the gauges. Check!! Blades are spinning.

instruments, helicopter, first flight

Within minutes we took off… backwards and upwards.

takeoff, helicopter, mirabel

As I looked for something to hold onto, the nose dropped down and we started to climb. It really goes against everything you are used to in a normal flight.

take-off, helicopter, helipsair, fall, views, thrill

Up, up and away…

fall leaves, fields, views, helicopter

fall leaves, fields, views, helicopter

The flight was really smooth – it was amazing.

farm, field, st-jerome, flight, helicopter

We flew over many farms as we headed towards St-Jerome.

farm, field, st-jerome, flight, helicopter

Last weekend we had been in the Eastern Townships and enjoyed the beauty of the fall foliage. We were not sure what to expect today after seeing many photos that lacked colour. We were thrilled at the beauty of the leaves…



fall, autumn, leaves, colour, flight, st-jerome

We flew right over St-Jerome, a town I drove through hundreds of times. It was fascinating to see it from a bird’s eye view.



st-jerome, flight, high-in-the-sky, fall

Just passed St-Jerome was Echo Lake.

lake echo, flight, laurentians

lake echo, st-jerome, laurentians, flight

A view of the cockpit.


The stunning colours of the tree tops.


tree tops, st-jerome, mirabel

We have to wear headsets in the helicopter which makes it easier to communicate over the sound of the wind.

shaune, helicopter ride, amazing

You fly much closer to the ground in a helicopter and can make out all the details on the ground. Spectacular.

farm, flying, helicopter, sky

At this point we had turned around and were heading back to the heliport.

trees, lake, field, grass, flight

We are so close to the ground you can almost see the bottom of the lake! Such a difference from being in a plane.

lake, flying, highup, helicopter

A fellow helicopter flies in front of us. It was a busy day for flying thanks to the beautiful leaves of the Laurentians.

helicopter, sky, st-jerome,

Our heliport…

heliport, mirabel, helicopters

Seems our pilot wants to make a more dramatic landing. Check out the controls. We are almost on our side.

cockpit, helicopter, flight, mirabel

We had a smooth landing.

helicopter, shadow, flight

Thanks Johanne. When can we go up again???

A huge thank you to the team at Helipsair.com for an incredible day: Melody, Alison, Hervé and our pilot, Nicolas. You made this experience a “thrill of a lifetime”.