Giant marionettes took over the streets of Montreal this weekend. The “little girl giant” came to Montreal in hopes of finding her uncle. They had been separated for some time.


After a day and a half of searching around downtown Montreal, the little girl giant finally located her uncle, the deep sea diver.


The uncle held his niece close in his arms while they slept in the parking lot of Radio Canada.
As their chests moved in and out, you could hear them snoring blocks away.

The crew assembled on top to wake the giants.

marionnette, crew, giants

As the crew descended, the uncle woke up first.

deep_sea_diver, marionnette

Then the little girl giant woke up. The crew helped the niece get ready first by removing her blanket.

small_giant, marionnette, montreal

You can see just how “giant” these marionettes are next to the crew.

giant, geants, crew, montreal, radio_canada

Like most of us, a little morning exercise helps the body.

small_giant, dancing

The niece started to dance high above the crowd.

small_giant, niece, dancing

Not only are their details are so realistic, you can see also feel the emotion in their expressions.

niece_giant, marionette

It was time to get the uncle ready for his journey.

deep_sea_diver, marionette, uncle, giant

The crew descended once again to help secure his helmet.

deep_sea_diver, helmet, crew, giants

It took 8 crew members to lower the helmet.

crew, helmet, diver, uncle

Once locked it place, it was time to start their walk towards les quartiers des spectacles.

giant, helmet, marionettes

The niece was dressed in a yellow rain coat and hat and placed on the boat.

small_giant, yellow_rain_coat, boat, montreal

Water sprayed everywhere as the boat passed by.

giant, boat, montrea, marionettes

The little girl giant looks on as she passes by.

niece, puppet, marionette

It was really impressive as the massive deep sea diver started to walk along the street standing 5 storeys tall.

deep_sea-diver, marionette

The marionettes “walk” as a result of a blend of mechanics, hydraulics and people pulling strings.

gaints, montreal, 375, festival, crew

It takes a team of about 30 crew for each marionette.

giant, marionettes, puppets, mechanics, crew, boat, deep_sea_diver

The crew moves their arms and legs and walk at an average speed of 2.25 km/hour.

giant, marionettes, puppets, mechanics, crew, boat, deep_sea_diver

Finally Xolo made an appearance.

xolo, dog, mechanical, marionette

Xolo, their faithful dog, behaved exactly like a real dog including a wagging tail!

xolo, dog, puppet, marionette

His features were equally realistic: hair, tongue and teeth.

xolo, dog, puppet

It was a wonderful experience to walk with the giants.

Last night the giants were placed back in their crates to await their return to France.